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AR Blue Clean 1 Series 117

Code: 13689

  • Lightweight high pressure washer with a compact design: easy to move and takes up very little space when stored
  • Accessories that are always organised and ready to use thanks to the special housings built into the back of AR 117
  • Quick Connection System: the high pressure hose can be connected to the high pressure washer and to the trigger gun with 1 click
  • Inspectable water intake filter, essential for protecting the pump from impurities


The Annovi Reverberi AR 117 is the cold water high pressure washer that is perfect for the occasional cleaning of small surfaces. With a maximum pressure of 110 bar and a maximum flow rate of 390 l/h, it’s the perfect tool for removing surface dirt on outdoor areas around the home such as gates, benches, patio furniture or for easily eliminating grease, mud and other residues from bicycles. Weighing in at 4.3 kilograms, it is the lightest high pressure washer in the AR Blue Clean Home & Garden range. It can be easily moved with the practical handle and its small size occupies very little storage space. A specifically designed bracket is mounted on the rear for holding the accessories and keeping everything in order even when the high pressure washer is not being used. Like the other models in the line, the AR Blue Clean 117 is also equipped with Total Stop System (TSS), the remote system that automatically shuts the high pressure washer off when the water delivery button is released and then returns to operation when the work is restarted. This reduces consumption, without overheating the machine.

Technical specifications

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The expert's opinion

The Annovi Reverberi AR 117 high pressure washer is the ideal tool for removing fresh mud from the frame and tires of your mountain bike, saving you time, water and effort. To obtain an optimal result, leave the bike upright, resting against the wall or in a bike rack, and stay at least one metre away from it during the washing operation in order to exert a slight pressure on the various components. This is particularly important near delicate parts such as the headset, hubs, bottom bracket, shock absorbers and seat post, on which the jet should not be persistently directed in order to prevent water from penetrating between the gaskets or into the bearings.

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