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Ar Blue Clean 4 Series 491

Code: 13694

  • Trolley high pressure washer with handle and sturdy wheels that make it easy to move
  • Good performance thanks to the powerful, quiet and reliable induction motor
  • Equipped with a pressure hose reel and built-in detergent tank
  • Professional level accessories with brass thread connection


The Blue Clean 491 high pressure washer is a high-performance machine designed to remove extreme dirt from large surfaces with a maximum area of 90 square metres. This high pressure washer is ideal for frequent use for demanding jobs where high performance is required, such as cleaning cars, motorcycles, swimming pools, stairs, floors, tools and encrusted walls. The Blue Clean 491 has a maximum pressure of 145 bar, a flow rate of 450 l/h for 2.1 kW of power. Therefore good performance but also easy to move and manage because to its large wheels and ergonomic soft grip and non-slip handle. The Blue Clean 491 high pressure washer also takes up very little space thanks to its vertical, compact and modern design. The machine is equipped with a practical accessory holder and a hose reel, designed to easily accommodate the 8 metre reinforced high pressure hose.

Technical specifications

Max pressure (bar)


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The expert's opinion

The Blue Clean 491 high pressure washer can help you clean your car quickly and thoroughly. For best results, we suggest you follow some simple guidelines. For example, before applying the detergent, initially spray the body of the car with a jet of water to remove coarse dirt such as mud and debris. Then apply the detergent directly from the high pressure washer’s practical 1.4 litre built-in tank, using a product that is suitable for this type of instrument and specific for the surface to be washed. We also recommend that you choose a shady place to wash your car, since excessive heat from the sun can cause the soap to dry quickly, creating spots and imperfections.

ar blue clean idropulitrice 491

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