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Dualtech Tecnology System

Dualtech Technology System (DTS) is the innovative technology system for Annovi Reverberi patented high pressure washers that have 2 Power Units inside the machine.
 It can provide an increase in Washing Performance Power of up to 50%, both in terms of intensity and extension of the jet, with a resulting reduction in cleaning times. In fact, the flow rate from the 2 Power Units can reach up to 850 l/h, double that of a normal home & garden high pressure washer.
This also means that the jet can reach up to 5 metres away, allowing you to easily clean even very large overhead surfaces, which is difficult to do with a home & garden high pressure washer. Therefore, excellent performance but a high level of customisation. Based on the type of work to be performed, just one or both of the Power Units can be used with the Dualtech Technology System, thus varying the flow rate according to the surface to be treated.



e-4 TWIN FLOW is a versatile, high-performance tool thanks to the Annovi Reverberi Dualtech Technology System (DTS). In fact, this cold water high pressure washer has 2 power units and delivers performances in a completely different class from a conventional domestic high pressure washer. Activating 1 power unit, you can use e-4 TWIN FLOW to clean small surfaces with light dirt, such as garden furniture, bicycles and fences. Activate 2 power units, on the other hand, for effective shifting of the most stubborn dirt and to clean larger surfaces such as motorhomes, boats, steps, pavings and outdoor walls. With 2 power units, the flow rate is doubled to 810 l/h for deeper, stronger, faster action. Like the other machines featuring the DTS technology, this powerful cold water high pressure washer is able to increase cleaning performances by 50% in terms of both water jet length and strength. The product’s characteristics are completed by the very manageable, easy-coil supersoft high pressure hose, the hose reel and the convenient accessories holders, while the large wheels and telescopic handle ensure agile mobility. What’s more, with the Twin Nozzle accessory you can save 70% of your time, as its two nozzles enable the use of two wash nozzles at once, to clean an area twice the size.

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