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Drain pipe cleaning kit – 10 metres

Code: 41588

The 10-metre-long high pressure washer drain cleaner with jetter nozzle is an accessory that should be kept close at hand. You may need it to free up drains, pipes or gutters that are clogged due to encrustations or the accumulations of leaves. If done with the right tools, this demanding operation can however be performed quickly and optimally. How is this accessory used? This tool must firstly must be connected to the high pressure washer’s trigger gun and then pushed inside the clogged tube or drain. Thanks to its high pressure jet, the jetter nozzle of the high pressure washer will go into the pipe and quickly free any blockages. The 10 metre long drain pipe cleaning kit can be used with all the AR Blue Clean Home & Garden and Professional models, making them even more functional and efficient.

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