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Drilldust Collector

Code: 46266

The Drilldust Collector is an accessory that is essential for home repairs or maintenance work involving the drilling of walls or ceilings. The accessory, which is designed for wet & dry vacuum cleaners, collects all the dust that is created when drilling without making the area dirty. During use, a drill normally creates a large amount of dust that makes walls and floors dirty, which must then be carefully removed when finishing the work, wasting time and energy. The Drilldust Collector, on the other hand, eliminates this tedious job and helps keep the area clean. How does it work? To use it, simply connect it to the suction hose and place it on the surface where you want to make the hole. This accessory is equipped with a slot that is specifically designed for a drill bit, therefore all the dust created will end up directly in the vacuum cleaner. The practical and easy to manage AR Blue Clean 31 Series 3170 and AR Blue Clean 32 Series 3270 models are also compatible with the Drilldust Collector.

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