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Code: 15023-A

  • Compact trolley high pressure washer with handle and wheels that make it easy to move
  • Accessories are always tidy and ready to use thanks to the special holders on the back of the machine
  • Supersoft high pressure hose, easy to coil and stow away
  • Inspectable water intake filter to protect the pump from impurities


The e-1400 high pressure washer is very compact, handy and agile. With wheels and a top handle, and with total weight of just 5.6 kilograms, this cold water high pressure washer can be transported around effortlessly, fundamental for the quickest, most convenient household cleaning. What’s more, the supersoft high pressure hose makes the machine much simpler to stow away, as it coils easily, while the accessories fit onto the hooks and into the holders provided. e-1400 is the right high pressure washer for small surfaces and the lightest dirt: with flow rate of 390 l/h, pressure of 110 bar and power of 1.4 kW, it is perfect for use on garden furniture, outdoor fabrics and bicycles. One important necessary feature is the inspectable water intake filter, essential to stop any impurities in the water from harming the pump.

Technical specifications

Max pressure (bar)


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Mr Blue Clean


The expert's opinion

Like the other AR Blue Clean models, the e-1400 high pressure washer is equipped with the Total Stop System (TSS), a technology that cuts out the machine at once as soon as the gun trigger is released. This provides two benefits: energy saving and less product wear and tear. Naturally, the motor comes back to life as soon as the gun trigger is squeezed again. Convenient and efficient.

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