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Code: 15026-A

  • High pressure washer for cold water, with trolley fitted with telescopic handle, rugged and high-performing thanks to power of 1800 W
  • Accessories are always tidily stowed thanks to the accessories holder on the rear of the machine
  • Complete with high pressure foam lance bottle kit for even more efficient cleaner distribution
  • Top-class convenience thanks to the flexible, easily to handle supersoft high pressure hose


E-1800 is the high pressure washer that uses high pressure cold water, designed to be effective on stubborn dirt. Its power of 1800 W, combined with pressure of 140 bar and flow rate of 440 l/h, makes this product a perfect tool for cleaning both the smallest surfaces, such as bicycles, motorbikes and garden furniture, and larger areas such as cars, motorhomes, outdoor pavings, steps and swimming-pools. This is a very convenient, practical, agile machine, very easy to move around during cleaning jobs with its labour-saving telescopic handle and wheels. It is no less important to ensure everything can always be kept tidy, both to optimise spaces and to have all items to hand when needed. So the e-1800 high pressure washer is fitted with an easily manageable high pressure hose, very simple to coil up and stow neatly away, while the accessories can be placed in the holders provided on the rear of the machine. What’s more, e-1800 is also complete with high pressure foam lance bottle kit for even more faster, more effective cleaner distribution.

Technical specifications

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The expert's opinion

The foam lance bottle kit is very useful on high pressure washers without built-in detergent tank. But what exactly is it for? The foam lance bottle kit enables distribution of the cleaner, a very important aid when cleaning with a high pressure washer, as it dissolves the dirt to deliver excellent results in shorter times and with less effort. With the foam lance bottle kit supplied with the e-1800 cold water high pressure washer, you will be able to apply the product faster and more effectively than with a conventional foam kit.

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