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Lance extension kit

Code: 46355

The lance extension kit is the handy accessory that extends upward reach for easy cleaning of external walls, windows, awnings, etc.
It comprises a set of 4 modular aluminium rods which connect together and fit onto the trigger gun of the high pressure washer, with the machine’s own lance mounted on the end. The kit thus increases washing range by 1.6 metres, enabling the high pressure jet to reach the highest points.

The kit also includes an articulated coupling compatible with the high pressure wash nozzles of 117, 143, 386, 396, 399, DSS 2.0 PE, DSS 3.0 PE, DHS 2.A and Twin Flow 4.0 and 5.0 models, ideal for cleaning gutters as well as awnings, canopy roofs and vehicles, for example. With this additional articulated coupling, the high pressure nozzle can be inserted into the gutter itself: after starting the high pressure washer, simply move along the gutter to flush dirt, leaves and other debris towards the downspout quickly and easily.
The articulated coupling can also be used for cleaning the underbodies and roofs of vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks, motor homes and caravans, thanks to the adjustable washing angle.

And if the gutter gets blocked? No problem; you can simply inspect the drain pipe with the high pressure washer jetter nozzle, an essential aid for this job, and clear the blockage with ease.
With the lance extension kit, there’s no such thing as inaccessible dirt!

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