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HYG – High pressure washer sanitising cleaner

Code: 46705, 46706, 46707

HYG is the AR Blue Clean sanitising cleaner for high pressure washers. Specially developed for cleaning outside your home, in combination with your high pressure washer, it helps to reduce the bacterial load in outdoor areas. It contains sanitising substances – quaternary ammonium salts – to clean surfaces in depth. The mechanical action of the high pressure washer combined with the specially formulated cleaner removes dirt in depth for perfect sanitisation of outdoor areas.

HYG is a ready-to-use cleaner for high pressure washers, which also leaves a pleasantly fresh sensation thanks to its lemon fragrance. What’s more, it does not contain NTA or EDTA.

  • When should I use HYG?

This cleaner is the best choice when cleaning is not enough and you also need to thoroughly sanitise the areas outside your home. For example, anyone with children certainly wants the outdoor areas where they play to be really clean, especially if they are also used by pets. HYG is the ideal solution for reducing the bacterial load of surfaces and leaving them clean and shiny, thanks to the jet of pressurised water from the high pressure washer.

  • Which surfaces can HYG be used on?

HYG high pressure washer sanitising cleaner can be used on all outdoor surfaces, from pavings to walls and from garden furniture to artificial turf. You can also clean the outsides of windows quickly and thoroughly with this product… it’s the universal answer to hygiene in depth! However, for safety’s sake you are always advised to test it on a small area to check its compatibility.

  • How do I use HYG with the high pressure washer?

For thorough cleaning, we recommend a two-step process:

  1. First, pre-wash the area with AR Blue Clean Universal cleaner, for easy removal of the superficial dirt, and rinse.
  2. Then, you can pour HYG into the high pressure washer’s detergent tank – first wash it thoroughly to make sure there is no Universal cleaner left inside – and distribute it on the zone already cleaned (remember that HYG should be shaken or stirred before use and should be used on wet surfaces). After leaving the product to act for no more than 10 minutes (do not allow it to dry), you can remove it with the lance or the various high pressure washer accessories, depending on the surface being sanitised: the fixed brush, the rotary brush, the Patio Cleaner, the Power Brush or the Aqua Sweeper, for example, will help you to remove the dirt in depth and reduce the bacterial load. Now all you have to do is rinse the surface with plenty of water and the job’s done!

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