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DHS Series 2.A

Code: 15153

Dual Hyg System

Dual Hyg System is the new technology invented by Annovi Reverberi which enables use of the high pressure washer in two different modes: Spraying Mode and High Pressure Washing Mode. This is possible thanks to the two pumps installed inside the machine, a low pressure Spraying Pump connected to a spray lance and a high pressure Washing Pump connected to a washing lance.
This is therefore a two-in-one machine: to change the operating mode, you simply turn a switch and change the lance. Spraying Mode is perfect for sanitising outdoor areas and objects, for garden pest control against mosquitos, for spraying pesticides on plants or for pre-washing particularly dirty surfaces, such as your car. Washing Mode is the traditional high pressure washer operating mode, needed for shifting the toughest dirt from outdoor surfaces or for fast, thorough rinsing of any detergent applied.

Technical specifications Spraying mode Washing mode
Max pressure (bar) 4 160
Max flow (l/h) 0.3 460
Power (kw) 0.035 2.2


DHS Series 2.A: the 2 in 1 high pressure washer-sprayer

DHS Series 2.A is the innovative AR Blue Clean high pressure washer-sprayer. Thanks to the Dual Hyg System technology, the machine can be used both for spraying detergent onto objects and surfaces and for rinsing it off effectively. Spraying Mode is a major advantage for everyone in need of a tool for sanitising outdoor surfaces like pavings, sunbeds and outdoor showers, for example. It is also ideal for spraying gardens against insects and mosquitos or for effective pre-washing when cleaning cars. For rapid rinsing of the detergent, you just turn the high pressure washer switch from Spraying Mode to Washing Mode and change the lance: in this mode, the powerful water jet will remove every last speck of dirt.
DHS Series 2.A can be used on various surfaces, from outdoor furniture to vehicles and from garden walls to flights of steps. This high pressure washer is complete with spray lance with 6 metre hose and washing lance with hose of the same length, which can be stowed on the static hose reel on the top of the machine. The washing lance can be fitted with the rotary jet wash nozzle, able to shift the toughest dirt, or the adjustable jet wash nozzle, for gentler cleaning.
Thanks to the integral tank, detergent use is particularly simple, while the handle and the rubber wheels make the machine impressively agile during cleaning operations.
DHS Series 2.A also carries the Blue Clean Factor, the symbol awarded to the top products in any one category.

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The expert's opinion

Spraying Mode is a new, particularly useful benefit for a high pressure washer. If you need to sanitise outdoor areas, spraying the product is more efficient than the usual water+detergent jet: Spraying Mode distributes the product more evenly right across the surface. A high pressure washer-sprayer is also a fantastic aid for garden or outdoor pest control against mosquitos or other insects: Spraying Mode ensures optimal diffusion of the pest control product.


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