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Code: 15027-A

  • Trolley high pressure washer with built-in static hose reel, rugged and high-performing thanks to power of 2000 W
  • Lavish outfit: complete with jetter nozzle for using the high pressure washer for clearing blocked drains and pipes, and Patio Cleaner, the paving scrubber useful for shifting the most stubborn dirt
  • Comes with high pressure foam lance bottle kit for even more quicker, more effective cleaner distribution
  • Easily manageable, flexible supersoft high pressure hose


e-2000HRD is the high pressure washer with drain cleaner designed to deal with stubborn dirt outside the home, such as on paved areas, steps, swimming-pools and garden furniture, and for effective care for bicycles, cars, motorbikes and motorhomes. It is a very rugged cold water high pressure washer with excellent performances thanks to power of 2000 W, pressure of 150 bar and flow rate of 440 l/h. Another strong point is its large set of accessories, which makes it a complete product for all household needs. e-2000HRD features the Patio Cleaner, the brush that helps you to clean paved areas more thoroughly and evenly, and the high pressure foam lance bottle kit for more efficient cleaner distribution. The high pressure washer’s accessories also include the drain cleaning kit, essential for clearing blocked pipes, gutters and drains using the power of the high pressure water jet. The machine features special holders to store these accessories effectively, while the handy hose reel enables trouble-free stowing of the high pressure hose, which is particularly flexible and easy to coil.

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The expert's opinion

The e-2000 HRD high pressure washer with drain cleaning kit is ideal for cleaning outdoor paved areas. In general, for effective but gentle cleaning, we suggest you keep the lance some distance from the surface and direct the jet at an angle to the paving. This is particularly useful, when cleaning delicate materials like wood, which require especially careful treatment.

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