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Code: 15025-A

  • Trolley high pressure washer with built-in static hose reel
  • Complete with a jetter nozzle for using the high pressure washer to clear blocked pipes and drains
  • Accessories are always tidy and ready to use thanks to the holders built into the back of the machine
  • Supersoft high pressure hose, very flexible and easy to coil and stow


e-1600HRD is the cold water high pressure washer with hose reel for thorough cleaning of your car, bike or motorbike, and also for your garden, outdoor furniture and fences. With power of 1.6 kW, pressure of 125 bar and a flow rate of 420 l/h, this machine is particularly functional and convenient thanks to its static hose reel. What’s more, the high pressure hose is very flexible and easy to coil, so it is quick and simple to put away. Also helping to guarantee tidiness at all times are the holders on the rear of the machine to provide the right place for every accessory, while the machine’s agility is ensured by the wheels and built-in handle. The e-1600HRD high pressure washer with hose reel is also complete with jetter nozzle with 6 metre hose, very useful for clearing blocked pipes, gutters and drains with the aid of the high pressure water jet.

Technical specifications

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The expert's opinion

Faced with a blocked sink, we often try traditional solutions like the well known plunger. If you want a faster, more effective solution to the problem, why not trying using a high pressure washer with drain cleaning kit? The force of the high pressure water jet, combined with this convenient accessory, can be an excellent way of restoring normal operation in double-quick time. If you purchase the e-1600HRD high pressure washer with hose reel, you will know how to deal with these emergencies efficiently, because it has the specific kit. It is important, though, always to read the instructions in the manual before proceeding, to be sure you use the drain cleaner correctly.

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