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Code: 15024-A

  • Compact trolley high pressure washer, with handle and wheels that make it easy to move
  • Complete with Patio Cleaner, the floor scrubbing accessory that can shift even the most stubborn dirt from large surfaces, and fixed brush
  • The built-in holders on the back of the machine mean accessories are always tidy and ready to use
  • Supersoft high pressure hose, very flexible and easy to handle


The e-1600P high pressure washer with brush is a modern, convenient machine. With its pressure of 125 bar, flow rate of 420 l/h and power of 1.6 kW, it is the right tool for cleaning small/medium surfaces easily and effectively: with this cold water high pressure washer, you will be able to care for outdoor areas of your home like your garden, gate, fences and outdoor furniture, and it is also perfect for fast cleaning of your bike, car or motorbike. The machine has a particularly lavish outfit, comprising the fixed brush, ideal for shifting the most stubborn dirt, and the Patio Cleaner, designed for in-depth cleaning of large spaces such as outdoor paved areas, decked verandas and terraces. More special features include the very flexible, manageable PVC hose, easy to coil when the job is done, and the holders to stow all accessories tidily after use. What’s more, the e-1600P high pressure washer with brush can be moved around without difficulty thanks to its convenient top handle and wheels.

Technical specifications

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The expert's opinion

Sometimes the high pressure water jet alone is not enough to remove the toughest dirt; a high pressure washer with brush may be needed. This is where the fixed brush, a strategic accessory provided with the e-1600P, comes into play: this tool can be used for a wide variety of jobs, from a thorough car wash to spring-cleaning the garden furniture, with excellent results every time and no scratching or harm to surfaces.

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