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AR Blue Clean 3 Series 386

Code: 14831

  • Trolley high pressure washer with handle and sturdy wheels that make it easy to move
  • With built-in detergent tank
  • Accessories are always tidy and ready to use thanks to the special holders built into the rear
  • Inspectable water intake filter, essential for protecting the pump from impurities


Compact, user-friendly and extremely effective, the Home & Garden line 3 Series 386 high pressure washer is ideal for anyone seeking a high-performing machine suitable for domestic use. With maximum flow rate of 420 l/h combined with pressure of 130 bar and power of 1.7 kW, this high pressure washer has perfect cleaning capacity and is suitable for cleaning pools, steps, pavings and gardens.
Thanks to its sturdy wheels and light weight, 386 can be simply pulled from place to place, agilely and effortlessly. The power cable 5 metres in length and the built-in detergent tank make it particularly convenient even when cleaning surfaces some distance away.
Last but not least, the convenience of the trolley combines with a handy compartment for the accessories, which can be tidily stowed on the rear of the machine between uses.
Like the other models in the same line, this wheeled high pressure washer has the benefit of compatibility with a large number of AR Blue Clean optional accessories, essential for further increasing its versatility and efficacy.

Technical specifications

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Standard accessories

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The expert's opinion

The Annovi Reverberi 386 trolley high pressure washer is also recommended for cleaning procedures that involve sandblasting. In this case, users need only obtain the compatible sandblasting lance kit, specially developed to strip rust and paint from surfaces. The action of the sand combined with the high pressure jet of the high pressure washer rapidly removes old paint residues or particularly tough encrusted dirt, with no need for lengthy, tiring manual cleaning.


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