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AR Blue Clean 3 Series 399

Code: 14588

  • Trolley high pressure washer with handle and sturdy wheels that make it easy to move
  • Excellent performance thanks to the powerful, quiet and reliable induction motor
  • Equipped with a static hose reel and built-in detergent tank
  • Supplied with a Patio Cleaner, the paving scrubbing accessory that can quickly remove even the most stubborn dirt on large surfaces


The Annovi Reverberi 399 high pressure washer with induction motor is perfect for removing stubborn dirt from medium-sized surfaces of around 40-60 square metres. In fact, this high pressure machine has a maximum pressure of 140 bar, a flow rate of 450 l/h and a power of 2 kW. What’s more, its induction motor makes it particularly powerful and reliable, as well as extremely quiet: this machine is ideal for frequent use, even in condominiums.
Thanks to the Patio Cleaner supplied as standard, this high pressure washer can shift the toughest dirt from horizontal surfaces with extreme precision and at enviable speed.
It is an ideal tool for cleaning walls, floors, stairs, swimming pools or washing bicycles or mopeds. Its high performance doesn’t impair its practicality and ease of use: like the other models in the range, it has been designed to meet the highest portability and manageability requirements. The large wheels and the practical non-slip soft grip handle are particularly useful for moving the machine around with ease.

Technical specifications

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The expert's opinion

The Annovi Reverberi 399 can also be used to open drains or clogged pipes. The high pressure washer proves to be a very useful tool in these types of situations. A special accessory that can penetrate inside the pipe or drain is however needed for this: the drain pipe cleaning kit. For longer pipes, we suggest using the 16 metre kit , where the high pressure water jet will easily break up the clog.

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