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AR Blue Clean 37 Series 3770

Code: 51928

  • Vacuum cleaner with a robust and resistant plastic tank, which can perfectly pick up dust, solid dirt and liquids
  • It has a very useful blower function for clearing hard-to-reach areas or areas that cannot be vacuumed
  • Double filtering system: high efficiency washable cartridge filter + paper filter which completely protects the motor from fine dust and liquids
  • Equipped with a power tool socket with automatic start/stop
  • The drain plug is particularly convenient for emptying liquids without needing to remove the cover


The AR Blue Clean 3770 is the liquid vacuum designed to eliminate stubborn dirt, in both liquid and solid form, from medium-sized surfaces with a maximum area of 60 square metres. Marked with the Blue Clean Factor, the symbol we use to distinguish the best products due to their cleaning power, technical performance and ease of use, the AR Blue Clean 3770 is a complete and powerful vacuum cleaner that has 4 practical functions:

  • Vacuuming of dust and solid dirt
  • Vacuuming of liquids
  • Blower function, designed to clear out even the most difficult to reach corners
  • Power tool socket for connecting tools such as drills and cutters to the vacuum cleaner. Thanks to its automatic START/STOP, the vacuum cleaner only switches on when the tool is switched on, greatly simplifying the work

Equipped with a 35-litre tank, the AR Blue Clean 3770 can be used to quickly and precisely eliminate the most difficult indoor dirt created in areas such as basements, attics, garages, small work shops or to carefully clean armchairs, sofas and car interiors. Or – why not? – to clean the dog’s bed. High-performance is ensured with a maximum power of 1600 W combined with an air flow of 39 l/s and a vacuum pressure of 19 Kpa. The double filtering system also effectively protects the motor, while the special float switch automatically stops the suction when the tank is full. High performance, but also excellent portability and ease of use thanks to a total weight of 10.3 kilograms, the convenient 4 castor wheels and the kink-resistant suction hose, which lets you reach even the most difficult corners.

Technical specifications

Max power consumption (W)


Barrel capacity (l)


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The expert's opinion

With the power tool socket, the AR Blue Clean 3770 liquid vacuum is the perfect tool for quickly and easily performing minor home repairs or maintenance tasks. When using a drill, for example, the optional Drilldust Collector  accessory can be installed, which is ideal for conveniently drilling walls and ceilings without creating dust.

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