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5 in 1 nozzle

Code: 46338-46341-46342

The 5 in 1 wash nozzle gives you five functions with one accessory. In fact, this particular nozzle has five different angles. This lets you perform several operations with the same nozzle: pre-washing, soaping, dirt removal, washing and rinsing. One simple action to change the nozzle angle and you’re done. Here are the different ways in which it can be used:

  • 3 High pressure angles (0 – 15 – 40): one produces a needle jet and the other two a fan jet
  • 2 Low pressure angles (40+ and 0+): one produces a pencil jet and the other a fan jet

To proceed with soaping, which can only be done with the high pressure washers equipped with a built-in detergent tank, just use the two low pressure modes: the detergent is automatically aspirated so that you can soap the surface to be treated. If you are looking for high pressure washer nozzles, the 5 in 1 nozzle is therefore an extremely practical and functional solution. There are three models of the 5 in 1 AR Blue Clean line:

  • code 46338 is compatible with the AR Blue Clean Series 1 high pressure washers
  • code 46341 is suitable for the AR Blue Clean 396 high pressure washer
  • code 46342 is designed for the Twin Flow high pressure washers.

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