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Deluxe Patio Cleaner Reg

Code: 46358-46359

Deluxe Patio Cleaner Reg is the patio cleaner for cold water high pressure washers that helps you remove stubborn dirt from large horizontal and vertical outdoor surfaces. Thanks to the 360 degree rotation of the brush’s two asymmetric nozzles, the accessory accurately cleans porches, pool edges, patios, stairs and balconies in a fast and uniform manner. The comfortable handles also allow it to be used on vertical spaces such as walls and garage doors. The Deluxe Patio Cleaner Reg is equipped with a water jet intensity regulator: turning the knob moves the jet closer or further away, adjusting the jet’s intensity based on the surface to be cleaned. The supplied lance extension allows the instrument to be easily connected to the high pressure washer’s trigger gun, while the 30 cm diameter plastic cover and the bristles along the edge protect you from splashing during cleaning. Code 46358 is compatible with the AR Blue Clean Home & Garden  Series 1, Series 3 and Series 4 high pressure washers; code 46359 is compatible with the AR Blue Clean Series 5 high pressure washers.

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