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High pressure washer sandblasting lance kit

Code: 41760 - 41591/41762

The sandblasting lance kit for cold water high pressure washer is the perfect accessory for sandblasting surfaces to remove rust, old paint and other particularly stubborn residues from a variety of materials, including metal, wood and concrete. This device creates a sand and water suspension that combines with the action of the high pressure washer’s high pressure jet for in-depth cleaning.
The AR Blue Clean kit comprises an extension complete with sandblasting nozzle and a transparent tube with steel tip for sucking in the sand.
Sand is available in bags of 5 kg or 25 kg depending on the size of the surface for cleaning.

The sandblasting lance kit operates on a very simple principle: the user just connects the extension to the trigger gun of the high pressure washer and sticks the steel tip at the other end of the transparent tube into the bag of sand. When started up, the high pressure washer will draw in the quantity of sand required for the amount of water used; the two components will be mixed inside the sandblasting nozzle and sprayed out with an immediate stripping action.

In spite of this extreme ease of use, a number of basic rules must be followed to ensure your safety and for proper maintenance of the accessory and the high pressure washer:

  • during use, wear protective goggles to guard against any splashes of abrasive material;
  • only use specific sandblasting sand, which is anhydrous and calibrated. Ordinary sand would not only be ineffective but would also permanently damage the kit and the machine;
  • when the cleaning job is done, wash the accessory thoroughly in running water to remove all residual traces of sand and keep it in good condition.

Code 41760 is compatible with home&garden line models: 117, 143, 386, 396, 399, DSS 2.0 PE, DSS 3.0 PE and DHS 2.A
Code 41591 is compatible with the 491 model, and code 41762 with the 589 and 591 models.
All e-Range line high pressure washers are compatible with code 41760, except for the Twin Flow models

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