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ARGP Series 1100X

Code: 51990

  • Self-priming pump ideal for watering the garden by hand or automatically
  • Motor with thermal cutout
  • Compact design and integral handle on the top of the pump for easy portability
  • Stainless steel head


The high-performing ARGP Series 1100X is a self-priming water pump designed to shift and lift clean water. With its 1100 W motor, this model can deliver up to 4,600 litres of water an hour, pump water from a depth of up to 8 metres and lift it to a height of up to 45 metres; what’s more, the motor is complete with thermal cutout for overheating protection. Designed to be positioned on the surface, this product can pump water from wells, tanks or water butts for use for hand and automatic garden watering, so drinking water is no longer wasted for this purpose. Highly portable thanks to its compact design and convenient top handle, the ARGP Series 1100X self-priming water pump has impressive corrosion resistance due to its stainless steel crankcase. To prevent dirt from interfering with the pump’s performance, a prefilter should be fitted between the intake hose and the pump inlet.

Technical specifications

Rated power (W)


Max flow (l/h)


Max delivery head (m)


Max suction height (m)


Fittings diameters


Optional accessories

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The expert's opinion

Supplying your automatic lawn watering system will be easy and inexpensive with the ARGP Series 1100X self-priming water pump, specially designed for this type of use. This model can pump non-drinking water from reserves and storage tanks to supply your automatic garden watering system: an alternative to drinking water, to increase the efficiency of your home’s water system. To ensure top performances and protect your pump from any dirt or debris, you are advised to fit the optional prefilter between the intake hose and the pump inlet.

pompa autoadescante acqua 1100x

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