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Code: 15022-A

  • Agile high pressure washer with a compact, lightweight design: easy to move, it takes up very little space when stored
  • Accessories are always tidy and ready to use thanks to the special holders built into the back of the machine
  • Supersoft high pressure hose, very flexible and manageable
  • Inspectable water intake filter to protect the pump from any impurities


e-1300 is the small, compact high pressure washer in the AR Blue Clean line. Weighing just 5.1 kilograms and with built-in handle on top, it is a convenient, lightweight machine easy to use and move around for quick, trouble-free cleaning operations. This cold water high pressure washer is ideal if you need a product for washing superficial dirt from small areas: with its pressure of 100 bar, flow rate of 390 l/h and power of 1.3 kW, it is perfect for leaving bicycles, garden furniture, outdoor fabrics and fences clean and shiny, effortlessly. With its compact size, it also overcomes any problems of space. In fact, it is designed to stow away tidily without creating obstructions in the home or garage, while the holders on the back of the machine mean accessories are always tidy and ready to use. The supersoft high pressure hose is also a very convenient feature, making storage of this high pressure washer even more practical, as it is particularly flexible and easy to manage.

Technical specifications

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The expert's opinion

The small, compact e-1300 high pressure washer can be used, for example, for cleaning garden sun blinds, which need washing down from time to time to keep outdoor space clean and attractive. For excellent results, we advise you to use a specific cleaner, keep the right distance from the surface and use the fan jet, which is gentler than the needle jet. But take care: make sure the blind has dried thoroughly before rolling it up, as otherwise mould may form.

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