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ARUP Series 1100XD

Code: 51985

  • Submersible pump with stainless steel crankcase, ideal for dirty water
  • Integral float switch with automatic on/off system
  • Motor with thermal cutout
  • Complete with handle for easy carrying and immersion



ARUP Series 1100XD is the submersible pump designed for dirty water. This makes it the best answer, for example, for pumping dirty water from ponds, pits, ditches, tanks and trenches on building sites, with high performances ensured by the 1100 W motor and maximum flow rate of 16,500 l/h. This model can be submerged to depth of up to 7 metres and is able to lift water to a height of up to 10.5 metres. What’s more, the stainless steel crankcase ensures optimal protection against corrosion, while the handle in the top, and the pump’s compact size, make it much easier to carry about and lower into place. ARUP Series 1100XD is able to pump water containing dirt particles up to 35 millimetres in diameter, down to a minimum residual water depth of 45 millimetres. This submersible pump for dirty water, for placing on the bottom of the body of water for pumping, is activated automatically by the float switch: as soon as the unit is submerged in the water, the switch is raised to activate the pump. The model also features a motor thermal cutout to ensure the maximum reliability and lifetime.

Technical specifications

Rated power (W)


Max flow (l/h)


Max delivery head (m)


Max submersion depth (m)


Fittings diameters

25 mm (1''), 32 mm (1”1/4), 38 mm (1”1/2)

Min suction water level (mm)


Max grain size inlet (mm)


Optional accessories

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The expert's opinion

The ARUP Series 1100XD submersible pump is perfect for emptying ponds and pools, or for dealing with locations flooded with dirty water, such as on building sites, when pits and trenches sometimes have to be drained. With its excellent performances, this model is able to resolve the problem with the greatest ease and in total safety.

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