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ARUP Series 750PT

Code: 51983

  • Multi-purpose submersible pump ideal for clean and dirty water, thanks to its folding feet
  • Integral float switch with automatic on/off system
  • Motor with thermal cutout
  • Complete with handle for easy carrying and immersion



The ARUP Series 750PT is the submersible pump designed to handle both clean and dirty water. So this is a multi-purpose tool, able to operate in a wide variety of conditions and successfully deal with different scenarios. This is enabled by the folding feet in the base of the pump: with clean water, the feet will be left closed, while with dirty water they will be extended so that any debris can pass underneath the pump. This model, in sturdy, tough plastic, can be submerged to a depth of up to 7 metres and is able to lift water to a height of up to 8 metres. The motor, with overheating protection and a power of 750 W, can provide flow rates of up to 13,000 l/h. The multi-purpose ARUP Series 750PT water pump is suitable for a variety of applications, from pumping water out of flooded premises to draining swimming-pools, wells, ponds, ditches and tanks. With automatic float switch, this unit can remove water down to a residual depth of 5 millimetres with clean and 32 millimetres with dirty water. In both cases, care must be taken over any dirt present, to avoid damaging the motor: when pumping clean water, any residues must not exceed 5 millimetres in diameter, while for dirty water the maximum diameter for dirt particles is 30 millimetres.

Technical specifications

Rated power (W)


Max flow (l/h)


Max delivery head (m)


Max submersion depth (m)


Min suction water level (mm)


Max grain size inlet (mm)


Fittings diameters

25 mm (1''), 32 mm (1”1/4), 38 mm (1”1/2)

Optional accessories

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The expert's opinion

No-one should be without the ARUP Series 750PT water pump, since it provides a quick, easy solution for emergencies of various kinds. If a room of your home is flooded, for example, this model is able to solve the problem fast, with both clean and dirty water, while on small construction sites it can be used to drain pits and trenches: the feet in the base of the pump are just retracted or extended depending on whether the water is clean or dirty.

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