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ARUP Series 250PC

Code: 51982

  • Submersible pump ideal for clean water
  • Integral float switch with automatic on/off system
  • Energy-saving motor with thermal cutout
  • Complete with handle for easy carrying and immersion



ARUP Series 250PC is the ideal submersible water pump for pumping clean water from flooded cellars and garages, swimming-pools, water butts, pits and containers of various kinds. Made from tough, sturdy plastic, it is easily portable, also thanks to its light weight (3.7 kilograms), compact design and convenient handle in the top. This model also has an energy-saving 250 W motor complete with thermal cutout to guarantee unbeatable reliability and lifetime. With a maximum flow rate of 6,000 l/h, this submersible water pump is able to work at a maximum immersion depth of 7 metres and lift the pumped water to a height of up to 6 metres. Before use, the ARUP Series 250PC must be submerged and placed on the floor of the flooded premises or on the bottom of the body of water to be emptied: as soon as its float switch enters the water, it is raised, activating the pump automatically and allowing the tank or room to be pumped out down to a residual water depth of 5 millimetres. Before use, it is also essential to check that the water for pumping does not contain dirt or residues more than 5 millimetres in diameter.

Technical specifications

Rated power (W)


Max flow (l/h)


Max delivery head (m)


Max submersion depth (m)


Fittings diameters

25 mm (1''), 32 mm (1”1/4), 38 mm (1”1/2)

Min suction water level (mm)


Max grain size inlet (mm)


Optional accessories

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The expert's opinion

If you have a swimming-pool in your garden, a product like the ARUP Series 250PC is an essential item of equipment. You need the right accessories to empty your pool quickly and effortlessly, and this is where the submersible water pump comes into play: its power enables you to pump the water from the pool easily, fast and effectively.

pompa acqua sommersa per piscina

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