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Dual Speed System

DSS is the innovative technology system developed and produced by Annovi Reverberi that enables the high pressure washer’s performances to be modulated to cleaning needs. With the handy 3-setting rotary switch, you can select the high pressure washer’s operating mode, with a choice between MAX SPEED and ECO SPEED. Effectively, this system provides a dual speed high pressure washer, which works with different performances depending on the job in hand and optimises energy consumption for the application.
MAX SPEED mode exploits the high pressure washer’s full power, and is recommended for the most aggressive, toughest conditions. ECO SPEED, on the other hand, lets you reduce water and energy use by 30% when less power is needed.



e-2 DUALSPEED D is a powerful high pressure washer that operates with cold water. This model is particular versatile thanks to the innovative Dual Speed System, for selecting the best washing mode for the current job via the handy POWER SWITCH. The ECO SPEED is excellent for washing delicate surfaces like bicycles, outdoor fabrics and garden furniture with the right power level for these materials and 30% less water and energy use. The alternative MAX SPEED setting unleashes all the high pressure washer’s power with standard energy consumption: this mode is excellent for the toughest dirt, on surfaces such as stone, brickwork and concrete, or for fast, thorough washing of vehicles, tools, gates and fences. Since it uses cold water, this high pressure washer is suitable for household use, and it delivers excellent performances, thanks also to the accessories supplied. Specifically, these are the jetter nozzle, useful for clearing blocked drains, gutters and pipes with the force of the high pressure water jet, and the Patio Cleaner, a brush for even, thorough cleaning of paved outdoor areas. With maximum pressure of 160 bar and maximum flow rate of 460 l/h, e-2 DUALSPEED D also features built-in accessories holder, handy static hose reel and supersoft high pressure hose, easy to manage and coil, while its agility is ensured by its wheels handle.

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The expert's opinion

Around the home it is important to have a tool like e-2 DUALSPEED D, a cold water high pressure washer that enables a variety of surfaces to be cleaned with a single product, and also saves water, time and energy. In fact, using the right power for the surface for processing is essential for cleaning effectively without wasting resources. If the dirt is not particularly stubborn, why use more power than you need? ECO SPEED mode has been developed to use only the force needed for every job. So e-2 DUALSPEED D makes financial sense: it is a powerful high pressure washer able to remove even the toughest dirt, but its power can be toned down to save energy, water and money for straightforward jobs with looser dirt.

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