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AR Blue Clean 32 Series 3270

Code: 51923

  • Vacuum cleaner with a robust and resistant plastic tank, which can perfectly pick up dust, solid dirt and liquids
  • It has a very useful blower function for clearing hard-to-reach areas or areas that cannot be vacuumed
  • Equipped with a high efficiency washable cartridge filter that completely protects the motor from fine dust and liquids, making it more reliable and longer lasting
  • Modern and compact design: it takes up very little space when stored


The AR Blue Clean 3270 is the wet & dry vacuum cleaner with a 20 litre capacity designed for smaller surfaces that makes numerous household tasks much easier. Weighing 6.1 kilograms, the AR Blue Clean 3270 takes up very little space and is easy to manage: its compact design makes it perfect for working on sofas, armchairs, car interiors, and even in very narrow places.

This is also due to its 3 different functions:

  • Vacuuming of dust and solid dirt
  • Vacuuming of liquids
  • Blower function, designed so the vacuum cleaner can work in even the most difficult to reach corners

With an air flow of 28 l/s, a vacuum pressure of 17 Kpa and a maximum power of 1200 W, the AR Blue Clean 32 Series 3270 wet & dry vacuum cleaner is the ideal tool for removing surface dirt that often forms in certain areas of the house such as balconies, basements, garages and attics. Like the other products in the range, it is equipped with a position brake, which allows the 4 castor wheels to be locked when taking breaks, as well as quick connection and release hinges for quickly and conveniently cleaning the tank and filter. The accessory holder and the power cord hook also let you leave everything in order when the work is finished.

Technical specifications

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The expert's opinion

With the AR Blue Clean 3270 you can simultaneously vacuum solids and liquids quickly and easily.  To do this, simply install the floor brush supplied with the machine which is suitable for both wet and dry dirt, and pass it over the concerned area. This will greatly reduce the cleaning time and make the operation much easier. Like the other models in the line, the AR Blue Clean 3270 wet & dry vacuum cleaner is equipped with a float switch that detects when the tank is full and stops the suction when the maximum capacity is reached.

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