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AR Blue Clean E15

Code: 51993

  • Electric ash vacuum cleaner for complete removal of cold ash from stoves, fireplaces and barbecues
  • Durable and reliable thanks to steel tank and high-efficiency washable pleated filter with metal guard
  • Blower function
  • Quick connection/release hinges for easy filter and tank cleaning
  • Highly portable thanks to convenient handle on top


E15 is the electric ash vacuum cleaner for stoves, barbecues and fireplaces that is perfect for clearing cold ash fast and without a trace. The 15 litre capacity steel tank ensures excellent strength and performances, while the high-efficiency washable pleated filter, with metal guard, protects the motor from soot. Air flow of 23 l/s, vacuum of 16 Kpa and maximum power of 1000 W are the technical properties that make this ash vacuum cleaner for stoves and fireplaces particularly efficient and high-performing. With its handle on top and its weight of just 3.5 kilograms, the E15 electric ash vacuum cleaner is easily portable, while the quick connection and release hinges enable convenient cleaning of the filter and tank.

Technical specifications

Max power consumption (W)


Barrel capacity (l)


Unit size (mm)


Inlet air (l/s)


Depression (KpA)


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Mr Blue Clean


The expert's opinion

What does it mean if an ash vacuum cleaner is specified for cold ash? When a device, such as the E15 ash vacuum cleaner for stoves and fireplaces, is defined in this way, before use you must check that the ash has cooled to no more than 40 degrees: this ensures you will get full benefit from all the tool’s potential without risking damage to components due to excessive heat. So our advice is always to wait for ash to cool before removing it.

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