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AR 35 Series 3590 is the Annovi Reverberi hot water high pressure washer complete with professional accessories, able to shift the most stubborn, troublesome dirt including oil and grease. It is a semi-professional model, suitable for DIY experts who demand the best and for professionals themselves.

It contains a pump with brass head and 3 oil-immersed hardened and tempered stainless steel axial pistons operated by a wobble-plate, complete with automatic by-pass valve for pump head pressure shut-off.

The single-phase induction electric motor with overload cutout delivers power of up to 2.4 kW, with a maximum flow rate of 480 l/h and maximum pressure of 140 bar.

To heat the water to up to 90°, the high pressure washer is fitted with a vertical boiler with double heating coil and refractory compound base, directly fuelled by the 4 litre diesel fuel tank; there is also a safety pressure switch to shut down the boiler in the absence of water.

Featuring the Total Stop System, the high pressure washer shuts down totally from remote when the gun trigger is released and reactivates when the user starts work again, to prevent overheating, extend high pressure washer lifetime and save water and money.

The 35 Series 3590 model also has an inspectable water intake filter and a diesel fuel inlet filter. A switch on the side of the high pressure washer selects hot or cold operation, with no temperature regulation function.

Its classical design guarantees convenience and agility, making the high pressure washer much easier to move around.

Equipped with a very handy accessories holder for stowing tools once the job is done, a large, ergonomic handle and two large rubber wheels, the high pressure washer is an excellent product with many useful functions, convenient and easy to use both in the home and at work, such as on small construction sites.

The professional accessories supplied with the 35 Series 3590 high pressure washer are: trigger gun, lance with fixed head without nozzle (56 cm), reinforced high pressure hose (8 m), ¼ MEG nozzle, and high pressure foam lance bottle kit.


Agriculture zootechny



Brass head

Hot water

Induction engine

Total Stop System

Water resistance

Wobble plate pump



AR Code 24425-V
Model 3590
EAN Code 8016287244251
Max pressure (bar) 150
Max flow rate (l/h) 450
Absorbed power (kW) 2,4
Revolutions / min (rpm) 2800
Voltage (V) 230
Frequency (Hz) 50
Δ t (°C) 55
Net weight (kg) 52
Unit size (mm) LxWxH 500x730x920
Gross weight (Kg) 53
Packaging size (mm) LxWxH 510x770x700
Pallet qty 6
20 feet container qty 99
40 feet container qty 207
Truck qty 198

Pump Details


  • 3 Axial stainless steel pistons wobble-plate pump with brass head

  • Tempered stainless steel pistons

  • Automatic by-pass valve with pump head pressure discharge

  • Single-phase induction motor with thermal protector

  • Remote control for total shut-down of high pressure washer

  • Inlet water suction from tank by self priming function


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