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ARGP Series 1100XB is the water pump with booster unit for shifting and lifting clean water. Its high performances are enabled by its 1100 W motor, able to deliver up to 4,600 litres of water an hour, for unbeatable power and reliability.

What’s more, this unit can take in water at depths down to 8 metres and lift it up to 45 metres, making it a perfect tool for many different needs. The 1100XB model features a stainless steel crankcase, protecting the pump from corrosion, and carbon steel tank with 24 litre capacity, complete with pressure gauge, providing an excellent reserve of water.

This water pump with booster unit is ideal for anyone wanting an alternative solution for automatic garden watering or to supply small household appliances and sanitary fittings, such as a washing machine or WC flush cistern. With ARGP Series 1100XB, you can pump non-drinking water from wells or water butts to your intended point of use, making it an effective replacement for drinking water.

Before it is put into service, the unit must be placed on the surface in a dry position, protected from frost and weather; then just connect it to the power supply and turn on the switch. The automatic on/off function will then operate the pump only when necessary.


Automatic irrigation

Water supply


Fitting dimensions

Self-priming automatic ON/OFF

Stainless steel pump head

Table mounting



AR Code 51991
Model 1100XB
EAN Code 8016287519915
Absorbed power (W) 1100
Max flow rate (l/h) 4600
Max delivery head (m) 45
Max suction height (m) 8
Fitting diameter G1''
Voltage (V) 230
Frequency (Hz) 50
Max inlet water temperature (°C) 35
Water resistance IP X4
Net weight (kg) 14.1
Unit size (mm) LxWxH 500x270x530
Gross weight (Kg) 15,4
Packaging size (mm) LxWxH 520x300x560
Pallet qty 12
20 feet container qty 335
40 feet container qty 690
Truck qty

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MR BLUE CLEAN Expert opinion

Why not use the ARGP Series 1100XB water pump with booster unit to supply water to your washing machine? This will enable you to run your appliance with non-drinking water, expanding and increasing the efficiency of your home’s water system. The pump is easily installed by screwing it to a shelf near the washing machine to ensure the very best stability and safety. To ensure top performances and protect your pump from any dirt or debris, you are advised to fit the optional prefilter between the intake hose and the pump inlet.