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Sidekick Pro – Dust Suction Kit

Code: 46267

Sidekick Pro is a dust suction kit for wet & dry vacuum cleaners that has 3 different functions to help you with your home DIY projects. It is a very useful and practical tool that allows you to work quickly and completely independently. How? To take advantage of its potential, simply connect it to the vacuum hose and place it on the wall where you are going to work. The force of the suction will make the accessory adhere perfectly to the wall, without any additional support, thus helping you with 3 different operations:


  • To hold up small shelves and strips
  • To adjust their height using the convenient 360-degree rotating bracket: this makes identifying and marking the precise points to drill the holes much easier
  • To collect the dust produced when drilling into walls and ceilings. The accessory has a special slot for the tip of the drill: this allows the dirt and dust to be immediately vacuumed, eliminating the need to clean up after the work is completed.

The Sidekick Pro dust suction kit is compatible with the AR Blue Clean 37 Series 3770  vacuum cleaner, which is equipped with a power tool socket for connecting drills or cutters.

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